Blood Flow Restriction

Blood Flow Restriction (BFRT)


Get your strength and endurance level boosted with precisely designed blood flow restriction training. This technique allows for muscle-specific, low load training with a controlled amount of blood flow to the targeted muscle.

After analyzing your medical history, a cuff is fastened around the targeted body part and pumped until reaching the optimal blood flow restriction. With a decreased blood supply, the body uses more muscle fibers and boosts metabolite concentration with less weight. This can lead to increased muscle strength and enhanced growth for better performance.

This is an excellent approach for athletes wanting additional muscle development without damaging their muscles, elderly who want to prevent atrophy, or individuals who have just undergone surgery with restrictions and do not want to lose their mobility.

Why Choose Blood Flow Restriction?

  • Minimized Injury Occurrence
  • Reduced Pain Levels
  • Improved Healing
  • Reduced Muscle Stiffness
  • Increased Sports Performance
  • Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Optimize Hormone Level
  • Lower Muscle Tension

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