Do you accept insurance?

At Elite One Athlete, our main concern is our patients. In order to provide optimal patient care, thorough education, and an exceptional experience, we have taken on an out-of-network model. This allows our clinicians to provide a full, hour-long comprehensive appointment tailored to you. We do, however, provide a “Super Bill” upon request that patients can submit themselves to their insurance for reimbursement. HSA’s and FSA’s are accepted.

What should I wear for my appointment?

We are going to get you moving so please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and athletic footwear. If you wear a specific type of shoe for your sport, please bring them with you. If you have a specific area that needs assessing, please make sure it is accessible for assessment.

What do the initial appointments consisted of?

Initial appointments allow for a hands-on approach to the assessment of each individual, appropriate exercises, education on the findings, and a plan of care tailored to each individual’s needs. Your physical therapist will advise you on what is the best way to approach the problem, and will consult with you to see if you are in agreement with the course of action. Please note that all plans of care are entirely dependent on the individual’s presentation.

Do I need a physician’s prescription for physical therapy?

No. Arizona allows direct, unrestricted access to physical therapy services, meaning you do not need a physician’s prescription to seek physical therapy.

What is an HSA and FSA account, and can I use them for my visits?

Yes! We accept both HSA and FSA accounts! Some insurance plans allow eligibility for a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). They help individuals save money and prepare for upcoming medical expenses. Both of these accounts allow for tax savings because you can add the money to your account “pre-tax.” For more information please consult with your employer or administrator.

Elite One Athlete

Why Choose Us

Offering Physical Therapy & Performance Coaching Tailored to Your Needs!

Whether you’re looking to boost your sports performance or recover from an injury, we can assist. Our experts have years of experience helping professional athletes, golfers, runners, weekend warriors, elderly, and kids, improve their mobility, functioning, physical wellness, flexibility, and more.

Certified Professionals

Our physical therapists are fully certified and experienced to help you do what you love the most without pain or limitations.

Evidence-Based Techniques

We use highly-effective techniques, including exercises and stretches, to address the problems you face every day.

One-On-One Treatment

By examining and assessing your needs, pain symptoms, medical history, and more, we create a personalized plan to help you recover.

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