Postural Improvement

Posture is a huge topic in the world of physical therapy. A big reason why…so many people have poor posture! But what does poor posture really entail? How do we get it? Can we do anything to correct it? What problems can it cause later on down the line?


Poor posture comes from bad habits and inactivity. Today, we are consumed by screen time, whether that is our computer, phone, or even T.V. Sitting down in a manner that our body is in a slouched position and with our head forward can cause damage to our spine and nervous system. This can lead to numbing of the feet and hands, thoracic kyphosis, Dowager’s hump, and more! The good news is physical therapy can help!


Try these tips and tricks to help correct bad posture:

  • Try a standing desk to relieve sacral sitting. If you can’t stand for a long duration, try standing every hour for about 5 minutes. When seated, make sure you are sitting erect on your sit bones and not your low back/sacrum.
  • Chin tucks (bring your chin into your neck like a chest of drawers) to strengthen neck muscles
  • Bring your shoulders back and downward for a more neutral thoracic spine position
  • Tighten core muscles—don’t forget to breathe
  • Elevate your computer screen to eye level so you are not constantly looking downwards
  • Adjust your seat height so your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are at or just below the height of your hips

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